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Organized by ATELIER Mask Movement Theatre​



7-day instensive

1 to 7 August


The mask simplifies, rendering readable and immediate the movements of the soul.


The mask, covering the face of the actor and all its myriad possibilities for expression, completely transforms our way of researching the body’s expressivity and its relation to the space.

This gives the actor a new sense of his own presence, an emotional fluidity, an amplified and richer dramatic expression, a gestural language full of emotion, a return to a more global perceptual experience, and it allows us to rediscover the innate dimensions of play.

The body and the space are the truly essential referents which allow us to find a deeper authenticity in stage presence and in performance.

This is fundamental for lively and authentic theatre makers.

This intensive course is an opportunity to explore theatre pedagogy based on the ATELIER Mask Movement Theatre and the research of Matteo Destro. It is open to actors, directors, playwrights, theater teachers and anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of Mask and Physical, Movement Based Theatre.

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The relationship between body and space: the presence and the state.

Reaction, dramatic drive, action: desire and urgency 
The structure of the body: the mask's body
The body in action: movement analysis and technique
Advanced technique of mask articulation

The phrase of the 26 steps of the dramatic action of the mask, by Matteo Destro
The mask in play.
The journey trought the theatre masks

  • ​Neutral Mask  by Donato Sartori

  • Larval Masks by Matteo Destro

  • Full expressive Masks by Matteo Destro


The workshop will be taught in English. Work sessions can be translated in  French, Italian and Spanish.



7-day intensive  

1 to 7 August

10am - 5pm


Class will be held in the

Atelier Studio

San Miniato (Tuscany - Italy)


min 8 - max 14


600 € 

A non-refundable deposit of €200 is due upon acceptance, to confirm your intention to participate, with the balance of € 400 due the first day  before starting.

For those who also partecipates in "Waiting for the Clown" the total cost of the two workshops is 1100 euros.

If the course does not start for any reason due to the organization, such as the non-reaching of the minimum number of participants, the advance will be returned


for all information and for enrolment please contact



The price of tuition does not include housing. Students are responsible for their own accommodations, but Atelier can refer students to nearby available housing. 

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